JUly 30th 8PM ET | FREE DIGITAL concert

JUly 31ST 1PM ET | post-concert chat

Robbies Hobbies (shown: Caleb Klager, Chris Pruden)
Robbies Hobbies (shown: Caleb Klager, Chris Pruden)

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Fade to Black
Fade to Black

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Robbies Hobbies (shown: Caleb Klager, Chris Pruden)
Robbies Hobbies (shown: Caleb Klager, Chris Pruden)

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Bird Brained – Jackson Welchner*

Robbie's Hobbies – Suzy Wilde*

Fade to Black – Dhaivat Jani*

i am a strange loop – Mac Rogers

The Night is Young – Mason Victoria*

Hot Bod – Sarah Thawer, arr. Mason Victoria

*Spectrum composer


Sarah Thawer (drums)

Chris Pruden (piano, synths)

Caleb Klager (bass)


Managing Artistic Director                      Zoe Chronis Brown

Artistic Producer, Sound Escapes          Mason Victoria

Artistic Producers                                    Jackson Welchner

                                                                   Suzy Wilde

Artistic Associate                                     Dhaivat Jani


Lead Audio Artist                       Mason Victoria

Mixing Artists                             Pablo Del Pozo

                                                    Dhaivat Jani

                                                    Jackson Welchner

Studio Engineers                       Pablo Del Pozo

                                                    Mason Victoria

Lead Visual Artist                      Ryan Kelln

Videographers                           Ryan Kelln

                                                    Laura Soch

Video Editing                              Ryan Kelln

                                                    Mason Victoria

                                                    Zoe Chronis Brown

Graphic Design                          Juyeon Kang



Zoe Chronis Brown, director
Zoe Chronis Brown, director

Zoe is a Toronto-based arts manager and freelance flutist. As an avid supporter of the arts, Zoe aims to build and curate creative spaces for music to thrive in today’s landscape and beyond. She is currently completing her MBA and MA degrees from the Schulich School of Business at York University, specializing in Musicology and Arts, Media, & Entertainment Management.

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Mason Victoria, producer, composer, audio lead
Mason Victoria, producer, composer, audio lead

Award-winning composer Mason Victoria primarily composes for humans, but has been known to occasionally write for robots. As a music technologist, Mason blends his unique jazz vocabulary with his appreciation for audio design and sound manipulation. In addition to his work at Spectrum and vast amount of original music, Mason focuses his creative energy scoring video games, short films and directing ensembles of various sizes.

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Ryan Kelln, visual lead
Ryan Kelln, visual lead

Ryan Kelln is a Toronto-based programmer, designer, and artist. He has a background in art, tech, and video game development, but spends time designing and creating systems to enlighten and empower. Ryan is a strong advocate for open source software and the creative commons. Since 2015, Ryan has been focused on machine learning and artificial intelligence, and its implications and interactions with art and economics.

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Jackson Welchner, composer, mixing artist
Jackson Welchner, composer, mixing artist

Jackson is an Artistic Producer at Spectrum Music. He is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and a composer who loves collaborating with artists from a wide variety of musical backgrounds. Outside of Spectrum, he's kept busy producing his own solo music, singing / arranging for Planting Pearl, and playing keys in Other Families. Jackson also teaches music theory, voice, piano, guitar, and ukulele remotely over zoom.

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Dhaivat Jani, composer, mixing artist
Dhaivat Jani, composer, mixing artist

Originally from Ahmedabad, India, Dhaivat is a drummer, tabla player and composer based in Toronto. He has been expanding and honing his skills as a performing musician and composer in the realm of contemporary jazz with some Indian classical, electronic, and world music influences. Currently pursuing his Bachelor of Music at Humber College, Dhaivat leads two of his own bands - “Dhaivat Jani PLUS” and “Electrio.”

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Suzy Wilde, composer
Suzy Wilde, composer

Fascinated by the power of storytelling in music, Toronto composer Suzy Wilde is drawn to the narrative aspects of folk, rock and musical theatre. Suzy works as a composer and arranger for many groups in the city including Regent Park School of Music, Well Seasoned Productions and The award-winning Wexford Gleeks. She is currently working as musical director for the Together At Last Festival in Charlottetown, PEI. photo credits- Jen Squires

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Mac Rogers, composer
Mac Rogers, composer

Spectrum NVCR 2020 Winner Mac Rogers is a trumpeter, composer, and educator based in Toronto. Alternating from quiet, contemplative themes to crescendos of chaos, his music draws on themes of reflection, loss and self-actualization. In March, he released his debut EP, Where Stems Meet Noise, and launched a community-minded music collective, siblinghumanbuddypal with his dear friend and collaborator, Devon Savas (Eulogy Eulogy).

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Sarah Thawer, composer, performer
Sarah Thawer, composer, performer

Sarah Thawer is a JUNO-Award nominated drummer and recording artists based in Toronto. Sarah has worked with various artists including George Watsky, Jon Batiste, Sheila E., AR Rahman, Steve Weingart, Mark Lettiere, Charlotte Day Wilson, and Tegan and Sara to name a few. Known as a versatile musician, she performs a wide range of genres from jazz and fusion, to Indian, funk, r&b, hip hop, and latin.

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Chris Pruden, performer
Chris Pruden, performer

Born in Edmonton, Chris is a pianist and keyboardist living in Toronto. His various mentors include Jacob Sacks, David Braid, Greg Oh, and Geoff Young. With influences ranging from jazz, contemporary classical, folk, rock, and electronic music, Chris has performed with many different groups across North America, China, and Europe. He is a current member of the JUNO nominated Tara Kannangara group among others.

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Caleb Klager, performer
Caleb Klager, performer

Caleb is an up-and-coming bass player and composer, known for his lyrical style of playing and his sensitivity as an improviser. He is active in the Toronto and Calgary music scenes as a sideman and leader for multiple projects spanning across various genres, including the The Harry Bartlett Trio, Moodset, The Winona Collective, and more.

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Pablo Del Pozo, mixing artist
Pablo Del Pozo, mixing artist

Born in Ecuador, Pablo has spent the last 7 years as a professional audio artist. His passion for audio and music started from his guitar and a love for grunge music. With a Bachelor degree in Digital Sound in Music Production from Ecuador, Pablo has also recently graduated from the Masters’ program in Music Technology and Digital Media from the University of Toronto.

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TOOLS                         kdenlive

                                    Open source video editor         




                                    Open source audio & video tool



                                    slowmoVideo by Simon Eugster                            



                                   based on: 








Rare Footage of 9/11 WTC Attack

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Pollution Crime by INTERPOL

Air Pollution HD Stock Video | Free stock footage | Free HD Videos - No Copyright | Channel PMI by CHANNEL PMI - FREE STOCK VIDEO

Water Pollution HD Stock Video | Free stock footage | Free HD Videos - No Copyright | Channel PMI by CHANNEL PMI - FREE STOCK VIDEO

Fire Behaviour: Observation & Training by CFA (Country Fire Authority)

Survival Under Atomic Attack

by U.S. Office of Civil Defense

Wheels of Progress by Zenith Cinema Services, Inc.



Black Lives Matters - George Floyd protests videos by Ram Biole

Protest HD Stock Video | Free stock footage | Free HD Videos - No Copyright | Channel PMI by CHANNEL PMI - FREE STOCK VIDEO

PROTEST: Youth Global Warming Strike, London 2019 Londisland

Full Earth Video - April 1st 2018 by Blueturn Earth

Frogger Highway by Beachfront B-Roll

Newyork Night View Free Footage Clip

by Stock Heaven



StyleGAN 2 in PyTorch by Kim Seonghyeon

Aphantasia by vadim epstein




Perseids Meteor Shower Moon Close Up

by Beachfront B-Roll Starry Sky


Timelapse - Creative Commons by Free HD Videos Creative Commons


Northern lights // Aurora Borealis // Norrsken Time-lapse by Richard Dobrichovsky

Night Skies | Starry Night | Northern Lights | Relaxing Music by ariel dangani


Timelapse video of star gazing on a starry night by Dmitry Varennikov



Consistent Video Style Transfer via Relaxation and Regularization

by Wenjing Wang, Shuai Yang, Jizheng Xu, and Jiaying Liu


StyleGAN 2 in PyTorch by Kim Seonghyeon



Milky Way Glowing At Night

by Bilder David


Stars in Space

by Free Video Library - For Content Creators


One night in Finnish Lapland with northern lights. by AV LAPPI

Algonquin Park Stars Timelapse

by Paul Yip


Just Another Milky Way by Hypatia Alexandria

Optex by Hans Brouwer and Jim Kok


Vidgear stabilize by Abhishek Thakur

maua-stylegan2 by Hans Brouwer



Paintings by Robert Wilde

photographed by Suzy Wilde

Canvas texture by Annie Spratt on Unsplash



Consistent Video Style Transfer via Relaxation and Regularization by Wenjing Wang, Shuai Yang, Jizheng Xu, and Jiaying Liu


ConSinGAN by Tobias Hinz

DeOldify by Jason Antic

timecraft by Amy Zhao, Guha Balakrishnan, Kathleen M. Lewis, Fredo Durand, John Guttag, Adrian V. Dalca



Watercolor wash Kdenlive FX wipe

DeepLandscape: Adversarial Modeling of Landscape Videos

by E. Logacheva, R. Suvorov, O. Khomenko, A. Mashikhin, and V. Lempitsky


pytorch-AdaIN by Naoto Inoue

Animating Landscape by Yuki Endo and Yoshihiro Kanamori and Shigeru Kuriyama

i am a strange loop

Visual FX Shader Artist: Sol Sarretea



Cell through Microscope Free Footage Clip

by Stock Heaven


Silver Lining Uplifting Clouds Epic Clouds Sunset Waves

close-up by Beachfront B-roll



by George on Wikipedia



Texture Generation with Neural Cellular Automata Copyright 2021 Google LLC

Self-Organising Textures Neural Cellular Automata Model of Pattern Formation

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Raindrops in Super Slow Motion

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physarum network_2.gif

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Various photos from friends and family of Mac Rogers


by vadim epstein


Droste effect

by Roy Wiggins

bu3nPattern by Sol Sarratea




Lake, sunset - birds flying to the camera - gopro (1080p)

by Free Footage For You - YouTube channel


gull flying slow mo bird and sky

by galosstiftelsen


Pigeon plummage

by Roy Buri from Pixabay

Mandarin duck - Mandarijneend - Aix galericulata

by Watervogelbond

Happy hopping Barnacle goose juvenile

by Vesa Leinonen

bird shit by caleb wood


Boids in Godot with Acceleration Structure

by Stephen Young


Godot Engine Free and open source 2D and 3D game engine



Watervogelbond - Sylvan Heights Vogel Park

by Watervogelbond

Meet the Locals: Ruru

by New Zealand Department of Conservation


Adult Geese and Baby Geese Crossing the Street (Shot w/Nikon Coolpix P1000)

by WildLife Videography


Bird Flying - Free Stock Creative Commons Video by Freestocks Birds On The Post by Beachfront B-Roll Various Seagull footage

by Beachfront B-Roll

Big Sleep by Phil Wang

by きのもと 結衣 (Yui Kinomoto)

Super Resolution API by DeepAI




Rhododendron flower photographs

by Andrew Drown



StyleGAN 2 in PyTorch

by Kim Seonghyeon



by Hans Brouwer

Optex by Hans Brouwer and Jim Kok


From wind that whistles through rustling leaves to the rhythmic cascade of rain on a spring day, nature’s soundscape has the power to transport us to a place of serenity and contemplation, and inspires us to live in the moment. In this concert, new music by the Spectrum composers and guests creates an immersive experience inspired by the wild and uninhibited beauty of nature.

Artificial intelligence spontaneously generates immersive soundscapes in performance alongside a live jazz trio featuring Sarah Thawer (drums), Caleb Klager (bass), and Chris Pruden (keys). You’ll be transported through abstract visuals, catered to each piece, leveraging the latest techniques in machine learning/AI. Watch the FREE concert stream through Twitch on Friday, July 30th at 8pm ET.

An hour-long post-concert chat will take place the following day on July 31st 1pm ET. Join us for this chat as Artistic Producer, Mason Victoria, and Visual Software Artist, Ryan Kelln, share experiences from behind-the-scenes production, including the makings and implementation of AI visuals, audio, and digital tools!


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