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Fewer and Farther Between                Mason Victoria*

Animalcules                                           Yunjin Claire Lee

Minimum Cycle                                      Caleb Klager

Critical Prompt Core                              Lex Metcalfe

Hennie                                                     Chelsea McBride

Scrolling                                                 Jackson Welchner*

*Spectrum composer


Jeff-Antoine Cote (ACOTE)                    modular synth 

Caleb Klager                                          bass

Yunjin Claire Lee                                   piano and synths             

Marito Marques                                     drums / percussion 


Jeff-Antoine Cote (Modular Synth)


Jeff Antoine Cote is a DJ, drummer, producer and composer that has become a household name within the Canadian electronic music scene. You may have seen him recently in Mason Victoria's piece "Few and Far Between" for Nuit Blanche, 2020. Jeff has also released an album recently with forth.music called "Below Zero".


Caleb Klager (Bass / Composer - Minimum Cycle)



Caleb is an up-and-coming bass player and composer, known for his lyrical style of playing and his sensitivity as an improviser. He is active in the Toronto and Calgary music scenes as a sideman and leader for multiple projects spanning across various genres, including The Harry Bartlett Trio, Moodset, The Winona Collective, and more.


Claire Yunjin Lee (Keys / Composer - Animalcules)



Claire Yunjin Lee is a pianist, composer, and educator who is graduating from Humber College with a Bachelor of Music, where she won the Marilyn Michener Award. Born in Seoul, Korea, Claire moved to Canada at 13 and her interest in music grew while studying in the Introduction to Jazz Performance program at Humber, prior to her degree. Her most recent release is called “Underwater Arcade”


Marito Marques (Percussion)



Hailing from Portugal, Marito Marques is an accomplished musician and respected composer. Marques began playing the drums at the age of 2, quickly moving on to live performances, including television appearances at 5 years old. Marques pursued his formal instruction at CETM in Coimbra, Portugal. Afterward, Marques moved to New York City to further his studies at the Drummers’ Collective and later at the Manhattan School of Music where he studied under some of the best instructors the school had to offer. Currently living in Toronto, he is considered one of the most requested and versatile drummers in Europe and Canada, having played with Grammy winning artists.


Chelsea McBride (Composer - Hennie)



Driven by an endless need for expressing herself creatively, composer and multi-instrumentalist Chelsea McBride has established herself as a mainstay of the Toronto and Vancouver jazz scenes. She successfully completed an 11-city cross-Canada tour with her big band, Chelsea McBride’s Socialist Night School (2018), and has performed at JazzYYC, the Halifax Jazz Festival, and the TD Toronto Jazz Festival among others. She has been named one of Canada’s top 35 jazz musicians under 35 by the CBC and was the inaugural recipient of the Toronto Arts Foundation’s Emerging Jazz Artist Award. Chelsea is also a Spectrum alum.


Lex Metcalfe (Composer - Prompt Critical Core)



Lex wears many hats; leading their rock group Waxlimbs, their solo electronic project Feyla, video game sound design / composition, and running their own record label Plutoid Records. Their focus is on world building and designing soundscapes that fit the universe of the project, whether it’s a video game, a rock ballad, or in concert.


Mason Victoria (Composer - Fewer and Farther Between)



Award-winning composer Mason Victoria primarily composes for humans, but has been known to occasionally write for robots. As a music technologist, Mason blends his unique jazz vocabulary with his newfound appreciation for audio design and sound manipulation. In addition to his vast amount of original live content, Mason focuses his creative energy scoring video games, short films and directing his large ensemble, the Sonuskapos Jazz Orchestra. Mason is also the Manager of Outreach at Spectrum.


Jackson Welchner (Composer - Scrolling)



Jackson is the Producer of 100 Seconds to Midnight. He is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and a composer who loves collaborating with artists from a wide variety of musical backgrounds. Outside of Spectrum, he's kept busy producing his own solo music, singing / arranging for Planting Pearl, and playing keys in Other Families. Jackson also teaches music theory, voice, piano, guitar, and ukulele remotely over zoom. 

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