The Interface School Workshop is a fun and innovative way to engage students in topics ranging from electrical conductivity, to musical improvisation and composition, to cooperation and teamwork. This is all achieved through Interface, a portable sound installation/conceptual musical composition conceived by Matthew Roberts and Spectrum. Students are invited to use their own bodies to make a connection between a live musician and parts of the installation. This connection is detected by a computer, which in turn toggles on or off a corresponding pre-recorded musical sample. The improvising musician then responds to the resulting soundscape, created in real-time by the students.


A one-hour version of the workshop describes the way Interface works, and how to kinaesthetically improvise with it. In the two-hour version of the workshop, students also have an opportunity to break into groups and record their own original loops using materials prepared by Spectrum.

Interface combines the world of sampling and electronic music with a live acoustic musician in an irresistibly interactive format. It’s hands-on design fosters cooperative learning. By appealing to the youth sampling culture, but bringing it into a creative music context, Interface hopes to pique interest for creative music among Canadian youth.

Curriculum Connections

  • Science: Electrical conductivity/resistance

  • Music: Improvisation, Composition, Harmony, Musical Texture & Orchestration

  • General: Art interpretation, Self Awareness, Cooperation/Teamwork, Critical thinking

Email Matt Roberts to find out how to bring Interface to your school or community group!