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A little about “Love, Loneliness and the Spaces Between”

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

When we came up with the idea of a Valentines day show, I wanted to create a program that captured the spirit of the holiday without all of the disingenuous expectations and commercially motivated junk that circulates around Valentines Day. I wanted to share something tender and sweet with our audience, but also something real and a little edgy.

Jessica Stuart’s intimate, expressive and refreshingly unique indie jazz-folk was a perfect fit for my vision of the concert. Her voice has a way of drawing you in close to hear what she has to say. The enchanting sound of the Koto adds to the distinct sound of this handpicked adventurous yet sensitive quartet.

You’ll also hear from violinist Aline Homzy comfortable in both improvised and through composed realms, renowned bassist/cellist/composer Andrew Downing who we are lucky to have as our Artistic Advisor for the season, and the creative and virtuosic Nick Fraser at the drum set. This ensemble of Spectrum favourites creates the perfect backdrop for Jessica’s artistry.

So grab your special someone and join us for a meaningful and memorable Valentines day experience. No need to break tradition though–the concert is after all the evening before Valentines Day, so you’ll still have plenty of time for that fancy dinner, roses and chocolate.

- Ben Dietschi, Artistic Director

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