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Leaving on a High Note: Farewell to Graham Campbell

After five incredible seasons, we are bidding a bittersweet farewell to our Artistic Producer Graham Campbell. Graham has been an invaluable member of the Spectrum team. As such, it is hard to imagine the team without him but we wish him all the best as he pursues new endeavours. Before we sent him off, we took one last chance to sit down with the Spectrum veteran to reflect on his time with the collective:

[S] What will you miss the most about working with the team?

[G] I'll miss the annual season planning sessions. It's always inspiring to get together with the team and dream up ideas for an entire year together.

[S] What were you doing when you first joined Spectrum?

[G] When I joined Spectrum I was also starting my masters at U of T. That was a

pretty busy year. It seemed like a great opportunity to write more music for a

variety of ensembles and instrumentations. What I didn't realize was how much I

would learn about the administrative side of things, and how much goes into

making an organization like Spectrum successful. I'll never look at any concert

series the same way ever again! In my time with Spectrum, we've had 3

different Artistic Directors and many different Artistic Producers, and I've been

extremely impressed with everyone's work ethic, professionalism, and creative

approach to producing and promoting a successful series that is routed locally

and showcases all the great talent we have in Toronto.

[S] What has been your favourite Spectrum concert in your years with the collective?

[G] Coding Chaos was one of my favourites. I didn't compose for that one and wasn't

too involved, but I really enjoyed [it] from an outside perspective.

[S] What's the biggest takeaway that you have from working with Spectrum?

[G] That there are lots of people out there who want to come to a concert to hear

music they've never heard before.

[S] What is the one thing you would want others to know about Spectrum and our


[G] That each concert is somewhat of an experiment. Nobody really knows how it's

going to turn out, and it will probably be completely different from the last


[S] Now that you're a spectator, who would you say is your dream Spectrum collaborator?

[G] Anyone who can play chamber music and improvise at a very high level is a

dream fit for Spectrum. A string quartet from The Netherlands called Zapp4

comes to mind. If I could snap my fingers and bring them here I would.

[S] What's next on the horizon?

[G] Writing more music, playing more music. I'm currently working on some

repertoire for a new ensemble, with support from the OAC and TAC.

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