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Let The Countdown Begin!

Our next concert "The Rebel: Breaking Down Barriers" is less than two weeks away! Yesterday evening myself and the rest of the Spectrum team joined Musicata, directed by Roger Bergs, for our first rehearsal with the instrumentalists (Aline Homzy, Andrew Downing, and Chris Pruden - featured below).

There is always something special about attending the first Spectrum rehearsal for an upcoming concert. For months leading up to it, a group of composers work tediously on their own, composing programmatic music. We may glance at each other's scores online or hear a midi audio sample but it isn't until that first rehearsal where we truly get to experience each other's musical contribution.

In true Spectrum Music fashion, we have created a program that is diverse and exciting. The Spectrum composers, along with guest composer, Saman Shahi, come from a variety of musical backgrounds. Between the seven of us, there is a wide range of personalities and styles of writing (pop, jazz, classical and musical theatre to name a few!). It always amazes me how -without compromising our creative integrity in the slightest - we still manage to offer a program that is cohesive and true to our theme.

In 'Breaking Down Barriers', we explore the theme of rebellion. In showcasing our unique compositional styles, we have also each interpreted the theme in various different ways - you'll hear a sultry tune, a piece inspired by current social injustices, a through-composed work about the story of a boy running away from home, and a piece inspired by the death and destruction that rebellion can leave in its wake (plus more - we wouldn't want to give everything away!). The diversity of our programming really makes each Spectrum concert special.

It has been a wonderfully rewarding experience producing 'Breaking Down Barriers'. I'm thrilled to see it all come together. I hope you will join us in Toronto on February 23rd at Gallery 345, or in Hamilton on February 24th at the Church of St. John the Evangelist. Tickets are available now!

- Tiffany Hanus, Artistic Producer

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