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Meet our 2019 New Voices Composer in Residence

We're thrilled to announce the 2019 New Voices Composer in Residence: Noah Franche-Nolan! Noah will be composing a work for Jests in Time on April 6, featuring Simone Baron, Alex Pollard and the Odin String Quartet.

Noah Franche-Nolan is a Toronto-based pianist, improviser, and composer who has shared the bandstand with musicians such as Jim Vivian, Andrew Downing, Thelma Gibson, and Nick Fraser.He has toured across Canada with Harry Vetro’s Northern Ranger Project, appeared on three records as a side man, released his debut record, opened for the Dave Young Trio and the Penderecki String Quartet at the 2018 Festival of Sound in Perry Sound, and has played in notable Canadian Jazz Festivals and Canadian Jazz Venues. In the Spring of 2018, Franche-Nolan recorded a duo record with Toronto Saxophonist Harrison Argatoff, entitled "Dreaming Hears the Still". This record features original compositions by both members, and explores the blending of improvisation and through-composed musical passages. As a composer, he is constantly striving to blend his interests in western classical music, jazz music, and free improvised music.

Hear Noah's new work at 'Jests in Time' on April 6, tickets are now available! You can find out more about his projects at http://www.noahfranche-nolanmusic.com. And stay tuned for more about our upcoming concerts this season!

- Chelsea McBride, Manager of Education & Outreach

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