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Ringing in a New Season

On the heels of a successful eighth season, the Spectrum team is thrilled to announce our new line-up of concerts for the 2019-2020 concert season. There are four concerts planned, chock-full of new music, unique ensembles, and progressive creativity. This season, our themes derive from world-frontiers including: the natural world, the free world, the man-made world, and our inner world.

We kick off our season in December with 'Seven Wonders', a concert inspired by our fascination with the natural wonders of the world and in celebration of the beauty and preservation of our planet.

This season, we'll also return to our primal roots in 'Rhapsodies in Reaction', a concert that plays on impulse and instinct. We'll bring together live composition, sketch comedy, and top improvising musicians in the Toronto scene for a night where anything could happen!

In our penultimate concert, 'Eureka!', we continue our exploration of the intersection between technology and music that began last year at 'Coding Chaos'. This time, we tell the story of some of humankind’s greatest innovations, performed by an ensemble of emerging musical innovators.

While most of our season examines interaction with the external environment, our final concert brings us back to the individual. In 'States of Mind', we explore one of the greatest unexplained mysteries: our mind. Illusions, conversations with our conscience, and personal stories of mental health fuel new music by the Spectrum composers and our future 2020 New Voices Composer in Residence.

More information on our upcoming concerts and New Voices Composer in Residence opportunity is on the way, so stay in touch and follow us on social media @SpectrumMusicTO for the latest scoop.

Join us and see the world through a concert!

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