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Share Your Journeys With Us

"One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things." - Henry Miller

On December 6th, Spectrum will present Journeys, a concert of new music about how exploring new places can be a metaphor and a catalyst for shifting our own personal identities and paradigms. Have you ever been on a journey where you left the comfortable and familiar behind, in search of something new? What did you discover? Help us create Journeys by sending us one paragraph and one photo that captures the essence of your experience.

We'll share some of these stories in our pre-concert chat, with Artistic Producer Matthew Roberts and artists from the concert. Together we hope to create an open dialogue about the important journeys and transitional periods in our lives.

How to Share

Send us your brief one paragraph account of a transformative journey in your life, and a photo that you think should go with it.


Artistic Producer Matt Roberts, shares one of his journeys:

2006 was a summer of travel for me. I finished if off with a father-son trek in Alberta's Rocky Mountains. We started by biking up a badly neglected fireroad, the branches of waist-high evergreens whipping our exposed shins as we passed, inflicting hundreds of tinny cuts. At one point my dad got off his bike too quickly and accidentally stabbed me with his hiking pole - a scar I still have today. When the bikes had taken us as far as they could, I realized I'd forgotten my hiking boots, and was forced to continue through the increasingly dense bush in sandals. Rocks and sticks cut and jabbed my unprotected feet. Needless to say, we didn't make as good time as we'd hoped, and were forced to camp in the middle of dark woods, with only a tiny trickling stream providing our water. I have been going to the Rockies since I was a child, and whenever I am there I feel a sense of connection to my deeper self, behind the identity that allows me to function in my day-to-day city life. On this trip particularly, I think the physical hardships "tenderized" me somewhat, helping me to open to the simple, natural beauty around me. On our second day, we came to a point where an enormous amount of water came straight out of the mountain, and then swiftly launched off a cliff. I decided that this was the source of the North Saskatchewan, a river I grew up playing beside during my childhood in Edmonton.
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